GT Series Basket Strainers

These strainers are manufactured in carbon steel or stainless steel (304 or 316) and are fitted with stainless steel elements. The element is easily accessible by removing two tee bolts and the cover.

            • The gross element area is approx. 12 times pipe area.
            • Connection sizes available from DN25 to DN80 screwed B.S.P. or N.P.T. female 
            • DN25 to DN250 flanged to suit Customer requirements.
            • Pressure ratings to suit flange requirements, 1.05 MPa as standard 
            • Flow rates to 4,500 l.p.m.
            • Simplex Basket Strainer  or single lever operated Duplex Basket Strainers

HP / HL Series Basket Strainers

Manufactured in carbon steel or stainless steel (304 or 316) with stainless steel elements, these strainers are available with offset connections (HP Model) or inline connections (HL Model). Two standard closures are available, swing bolt type (Series 250) and stud bolt type (Series 350).

            • The gross element area is approx. 20 times pipe area. 
            • DN25 to DN600 flanged to suit customer requirements.
            • Flow rates to suit pipeline diameters at 3 m/s velocity.
            • 1.05 MPa for Standard Series 250 units or 1.96 MPa for Standard Series 350 units
            • Simplex Strainer or a single lever operated Duplex strainer

A.B.W. & M.B.W. Strainers


Automatic or Manual Backwash Strainers are Fabricated in carbon or stainless steel with stainless steel element and internal trim. These units are epoxy lined as standard.

            • Elements have a gross area approx. 16 times pipe 
            • filtration down to 150 microns.
            • DN50 to DN900 flanged to suit Customer requirements.
            • Standard pressure rating is 1.05 MPa or Custom to suit your needs
            • Flow rates to 115,000 l.p.m.

Temporary Strainers

Available in two types, cone strainers (Witches Hat ) and  conical flat ( Pilgrims Hat ) end strainers.

            • Both types can be supplied in carbon steel or stainless steel.
            • The standard element has 3.25mm diameter perforated
            • Conecan be internally lined or externally covered with mesh down to 35 micron
            • Manufactures to the Customer’s specification.
            • The gross area of each type is approx. 3 times pipe area.
            • They can be manufactured for any size pipeline 
            •  flange and pressure rating.

A100 Series Cast Basket Strainers

These strainers are manufactured in cast materials iron, aluminium, bronze or 316 Stainless Steel, all are fitted with stainless steel elements.

Their construction enables quick access to the element by means of a single tee bolt and bridge clamp closure.

            • The gross element area is approx. 12 times pipe area.
            • Connection sizes available from DN 25mm to 80mm
            • Screwed B.S.P. female also DN 65 & 80 flanged.
            • Pressure rating to 0.5 MPa and Flow rates to 450 l.p.m.

PS Series Fabricated Basket Strainers

PS Strainer bodies are fabricated carbon steel and stainless steel Alternate specialty materials are available for corrosive services. 

Our designs are fabricated to suit customers’ specific requirements, inlet & outlet flanging, special coatings and material types.

            • Standard design pressure is 1000 kPa at 50°C.
            • Higher or lower pressure ratings are available, S
            • Strainer basket manufactured from stainless steel perforated sheet and mesh
            • Filtration down to 1.0mm.
            • Maximum flow rate with minimum pressure drop.
            • Element area is equal to 6 times the pipe cross sectional area.

The Quick Entry Swing Bolt closure ensures minimum down time when the basket needs servicing Nitrile seals are standard and a variety of other seal materials are available to suit other fluids or applications. 

Larger sizes supplied davit arms, drain and vent valves, differential pressure gauges, air eliminators, basket magnets, special coatings and linings are all available as optional extras.

A114 & A115 Fabricated 'Y' Strainers

            • A114 Series,  flat plate strainer element approximately 3 times pipe area, 
            • A115 Series, cylindrical element approximately 9 times pipe area, 
            • Steel or stainless steel body fitted with carbon steel or stainless steel element.
            • DN50 to DN900 flanged to suit Customer requirements.
            • ressure ratings to suit all flange ratings
            • Flow rates to suit pipeline diameters at 3 m/s velocity

VY Series Cast ‘Y’ Type Strainers

These  ‘Y’ strainers are manufactured in cast steel or cast stainless steel with wall thicknesses exceeding the requirements of ANSI B16.34

            • Flange dimensions are to ANSI B16.5 Class 150 
            • Face to Face dimensions are to ANSI B16.10.
              ‘Y’ strainers are the most economical means of coarse filtration in pressure applications to provide protection for downstream equipment such as pumps, flow meters, etc.
They remove coarse particles that would otherwise damage or block valuable equipment. ‘Y’ strainers should only be used where the dirt load is extremely low as the screen area of the filter element is relatively small.

VB Series Cast Bucket Strainers

This compact design Basket Strainer has full bore inline connections providing initial low pressure loss. They have a removable top cover for easy basket removal for cleaning.

Flange drilling can be requested for alternate flange standards within the pressure/temperature limits of ANSI 150# rating such as AS2129 Table “D” or “E”, JIS 10K, DIN PN10 or other.

These Basket Strainers are an economical alternative to ‘Y’ strainers and offer other benefits such as the top entry cover, which reduces fluid loss when the strainer is opened for cleaning. This can be most beneficial in applications requiring cleanliness or where the fluid may be hazardous.

The VB Strainer is ideal in applications requiring protection for downstream equipment.  Eg. pump suction, upstream of flow meters, controls valves etc. Flow rates to suit pipeline diameters at 3 m/s velocity.

VYS Series Cast 'Y' Type Strainers

The “VYS” range of ‘Y’ strainers is high quality investment cast with screwed female BSP connections. The element closure is a screw-in plug and features a separate blow down plug.  Both plugs have Teflon seals provided for temperature capability up to  260°C.

These strainers are very economical due to the manufacturing process and therefore can be competitive with lower quality materials, which may normally be installed in many mechanical service applications.

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